Contact the responsible officials and complain


Concerned Resident, Louis Trichardt, writes:

When our country went to election in April 1994 it happened so smoothly and everybody did their duty by going to vote so peacefully. Now, after 25 years, we have another chance to do our duty by going to vote again in May 2019.

But our duty is not only to go and vote. Our duty is also immediately to report anything that might be wrong with the municipal services in our town and area to the responsible officials. These responsible officials do not have the staff to walk around our town and area seven days a week to report when something is wrong. That has continuously to be done by us the inhabitants.

Will you be so kind, Mr Editor, to ask your investigative journalists to publish for our readers’ benefit the photos, names, titles, telephone numbers, postal addresses and e-mail addresses of our Executive Mayor, the Municipal Manager, plus the directors of each municipal department and other persons to whom our voters, also before the election, can already do their duty to report problems with municipal services in our town and area.

In this way we can all do our duty before the election to maintain proper services.

Your friendly co-operation of our newspaper shall be highly appreciated.

(Dear Concerned Resident. Most of the information you need should be available on the municipality’s website. The Exco members’ photos and details can be found here: The municipal manager's details (including email addresses and cellphone numbers, can be found here: Even details of all the ward councillors are available: Residents should definitely start off by contacting these people and notify them of problems. – Editor)