"Your ill-advised actions will not go down well"


Rozanna Spence from Louis Trichardt sent in the following open letter to the management of the Makhado Crossing:

Dear Management,

“Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which means they can help to stop rising temperatures around the world – and also keep soil moist and reduce the risk of flooding.

A recent study suggested that planting trees is ‘the best climate change solution available today’.

There is an 8 000 km wall of trees being built in Africa - making it the largest living structure on the planet once it's finished.

The wall aims to spread across the width of Africa and through more than 20 countries including Senegal, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

A decade on from its launch, the wall is currently 15% complete, with 11.4 million trees planted in Senegal alone.

In Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, more than 2 million seeds have been planted from over 50 different species of trees. Elsewhere in the continent, Gabon has become the first African country to receive international funds to preserve its rainforest.”

The above is an extract from an article written by Manish Pandey and published on the website www.bbc.com on the 24th September 2019. Climate Change: What is being done around the world to plant trees?

Having said that, I must register my dismay with the management of Makhado Crossing Mall and your decision to remove the indigenous Yellow Fever trees that have graced the parking lot of the centre since it was first built some years ago. These mature trees offered shade and added to the beauty of the area in general and to the centre in particular.

To add insult to injury, I found out that the reasoning for the removal of said trees is that “apparently it is obstructing the view of the mall”.

To destroy a thing of beauty and value for the cosmetic purpose of viewing a block of concrete and steel beggars belief. The residents of Louis Trichardt take great pride in our trees and your ill-advised actions will not go down well.

I, for one, will be loathe to patronise your new development.