Vhamusanda Progress Kutama.

“The mother of all potholes”

Date: 12 May 2018 By: Wikus Lee

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The provincial treasurer of Sanco, Vhamusanda Progress Kutama, said that the Sinthumule-Kutama residents have lost hope and trust in the Makhado Municipality regarding service delivery.

In a press statement delivered to Limpopo Mirror this week, Kutama said that when the tarred road from Madabani to Tshikwarani was built, it was a relief to the residents to move in safety to the different places along the road. “Now the road has turned to be a slaughter house and a thorn in the flesh of the community. If one want to see the mother of potholes, you must come and look at this road,” he said.

According to Kutama, the municipality “is always speaking in double tongues and empty promises are the order of the day.” He also invited the municipal officials to a meeting to discuss the issue. According to him, Sanco knows the government seems to understand better when the masses protest in the streets, but that it will be a better option to discuss the issue in a calm and polite way around a table.




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Wikus Lee



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