The SPCA team at their Christmas outreach at Vhulaudzi Village last Friday  after handing out gifts for everyone, humans as well as dogs this time. Photo supplied.

Local SPCA spreading some Christmas cheer

Date: 22 December 2018 By: Jo Robinson

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With the end of 2018 coming into sight, the Louis Trichardt SPCA had its Christmas Outreach on 17 December at Vhulaudzi Village, a 30-minute drive out of town. While carrying out their usual tasks of vaccinating and deworming, the team not only went there bearing gifts of food for dogs, but this time they also brought parcels for humans and children.

Staff and volunteers at the Louis Trichardt SPCA have been very busy over the past weeks. According to the local SPCA’s Alicia Thomas, the holiday season is always a busy time for them, and that is not generally a good thing for pets. This team works tirelessly all year round in defence of the helpless or abused. She says that the work is sometimes backbreaking and sometimes heartbreaking, but they have no intention of letting up in their drive to educate people and help wherever they are needed for the welfare of animals. They are asking people to make sure that their pets are properly cared for over this holiday season and not left without food, water or shelter while owners go elsewhere to celebrate.

Alicia shared recently that many people think that giving pets as Christmas presents is a good idea, without taking into consideration whether the person receiving the gift actually wants it or will like it or wants to spend their cash on feeding and caring for it. She asked people to please make sure before buying any live animal as a gift, including small creatures such as hamsters and birds, that it will be going to a happy life. No matter the size of the animal, it is entitled to a fulfilled and unafraid life. “Make sure that you really want an animal and are prepared to look after it kindly before you buy one at any time of the year,” said Alicia.

Following on that article, the Zoutpansberger reported last week on the box of 15 kittens that was dumped in a stormwater drain. This caused much concern in Louis Trichardt residents’ anima-loving hearts and led to senior inspector Lawrence Khodobo of the SPCA being interviewed on video on the subject by Elardus van Zyl. Granted, the interview takes place in the SPCA’s cattery that is teeming with cute kittens and is furnished in such a way as to provide a perfect environment for even the most hedonistic cat. However, the reality of the facility’s existence takes on a more sombre feeling as Lawrence tells Elardus the facts. According to him, people who dump these animals do not care whether they live or die. He urges people to approach the SPCA for help with the sterilisation of pets, and if they do have unwanted litters, to surrender them there rather than dumping them. Make sure to watch the interview online.

The Louis Trichardt SPCA would like to thank the community for all of their much-appreciated support, both financially and with their time. They wish everyone, especially the furry and feathery residents around town, a peaceful and happy holiday.




Jo Robinson

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Staff and volunteers at the Louis Trichardt SPCA would like to thank everyone for their support during this and every year, and wish all a very happy holiday break. Photo supplied.