Roshini Pakkiree (kneeling front right) of the Sanjit Pakkiree Train of Hope Foundation and members of Thohoyandou Beer Distributors (TBD)  interact with the children from the Block J&N Creche at Muledane (Thohoyandou). Kneeling to the left is TBD staff member Taurayi Ponti, behind him is Andrew Nkambule and standing to the left is Mapula Mashawana. Photo supplied.

Sanjit Pakkiree Train of Hope visits first creche

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The Sanjit Pakkiree Train of Hope Foundation, in conjunction with Thohoyandou Beer Distributors, launched its first project for 2019 by visiting the Block J&N Creche at Muledane (Thohoyandou) on 27 February.

The Sanjit Pakkiree Train of Hope Foundation was set up and is managed by Sanjit Pakkiree’s parents, Roshini and Mark Pakkiree of Louis Trichardt, in memory of their son. Sanjit was their only child when he passed away unexpectedly on 25 October 2017 at the age of 16. He was a well-known and much-loved Form 3 student at Ridgeway College in Louis Trichardt at the time.

Roshini and Mark set up the foundation in honour of their son because they strongly believe that his loving and caring personality should never be forgotten, and because of his ingrained desire to help others. “He was an extrovert,” said Roshini. “A bubbly young man, always laughing and smiling, with an ocean’s capacity of love and respect, and just the same capacity when it came to his very busy social life. Sanjit had friends all over, of all cultures and ages, both younger and older than himself. He touched the lives of many with empathy and respect, even though he could be mischievous,” said Roshini.

“The project was received with open hearts by the school principal, Mrs Mukwevho, her five teachers and more than 70 little ones. The current environment of the school was far from conducive to the delicate learners as the school is a non-profit organisation. There were inadequate facilities available for learning, nutrition and comfort,” said Roshini, one of the core directors of the foundation.

The Sanjit Pakkiree Train of Hope Foundation and Thohoyandou Beer Distributors identified the needs at the school and donated mattresses, tables, chairs, cutlery, a fridge and a stove. “Thohoyandou Beer Distributors’ philosophy is that we become better when we make others better. This gesture will now enable the kids to enjoy the proper facilities for a conducive learning environment,” said Roshini.

The project shared with parents the scope of the organisation’s mission, which, among others, include crime awareness, bullying in schools and respect for each other – all very prominent issues also faced by the very young learners. The project and Mark’s (managing director at Thohoyandou Beer Distributors) team from Thohoyandou Beer distributors made it possible for the school to deliver good education in a comfortable environment for the kids. “Thohoyandou Beer sales manager Andrew Nkambule expressed appreciation for Thohoyandou Beer Distributors’ efforts and willingness to support the community’s vision to raise tomorrow’s great leaders. The presence of Chief Mahwasane, Vho-TR Tshivhi, Councillor Nemaregeni and many other guests and parents was greatly appreciated. Chief Mahwasane applauded the wonderful work done by Thohoyandou Beer Distributors, together with Sanjit Train of Hope and called upon the residents to take care of the property established to serve the community,” said Roshini.

The Sanjit Pakkiree Train of Hope will continue over the next months, identifying and supporting community development and healing in many different aspects.

To find out more about the project and how the community and local businesses can get involved, phone Roshini at Tel 083 495 7265.





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