TMAN 6 months ago

As far as i here this i think we have a problem that need to be resolve in the Department of Health Limpopo and it must be resolved as a matter of agency, because it is not only the Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital that is affected, Tshilidzini and Donald fraser hospitals are also affected just that people who are visiting them they are tired of talking they are quite know, The management at tshilidzini has been changed at somepoint so i dont know if it has assisted or not. The buiding of those hospitals are not in a good standard to be used but they are being used in a daily basis, i think we need to come to our senses and hire the right people not people who are the member of the certain organisation because that is whats killing us and our community, we need to be strategic when it comes to hire people and in such position and those people must be strategically also other than that our health department is going down the drain, We need more of Mr Lesufi people in our country who think for the future of our communities.