Taxis have taken over the customer and business-owner parking in Eltivillas. This is despite clear signage that taxis are not allowed to park there.

Municipality “not aware” of taxi problem in Eltivillas

Date: 13 April 2019 By: Andries van Zyl

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The Makhado Municipality stated this week that they were unaware that taxis had taken over the business and customer parking areas in Eltivillas.

For the past couple of months, taxis have started using the business parking in front of the shops as a “spill-over” taxi rank. This happens despite the municipal signage indicating that no taxis are allowed to park there.

This has left numerous shop owners outraged, stating that they, as well as their customer, are left to park their vehicles in the blistering sun while the taxi drivers take up all the shaded parking bays. These shop owners wanted to know why nothing was being done about the matter.

Municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi said on Monday that they had been unaware of the problem. “We were not aware. It was only when we received this enquiry from you that we became aware,” said Bobodi.

According to Bobodi, the Makhado Municipality will address the situation. “We are going to engage the taxi industry to find a proper solution. We can’t pre-empt the solution – hence we are going to engage with them,” said Bobodi.





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