Waardasierol hoog op SBBV se agenda

News: 29 August 2014 By Linda van der Westhuizen
Die huidige waardasierol, of die gebrek aan ‘n “wettige” waardasierol, was een van die belangrikste besprekingspunte by die algemene jaarvergadering van die Soutpansberg Belastingbetalersvereninging (SBBV).

A tribute to one of the Soutpansberg’s stalwarts

News: 29 August 2014 By Andries van Zyl
Last month, the region said their final farewell to one of the stalwarts of the Soutpansberg, Mr Poog Henning, when he passed away aged 77 on 21 July. The following was sent in by his family to pay tribute to a man who has meant so much to so many of the region’s people:

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