Forthcoming Events Date
4X4-nuus 24th 00:00 -
Kom leer meer by natuur aand 24th 00:00 -
Julius Magan by Mannekamp 25th 00:00 - 27th 00:00
Magan ook by Agapé 27th 18:00 -
Focus on teenage pregnancy 29th 11:30 -
Annual Makhado Show 31st 00:00 - 2nd 00:00

Show controversy

18 July 2014 By Isabel Venter
News: The Makhado Municipality has this week defended its statement that there should be only one annual show for the region.
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Mabirimisa diverts stinking sewage river

18 July 2014 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho
News: The general manager of the Mabirimisa Bus Service, Mr Robert Mabirimisa, was not very impressed when he visited the Vhembe Municipality's water department office in Makhado and discovered that the duty register said that the sewerage problem at the bus depot had been attended to, which reflects the opposite of the truth in the case.
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Jiwa released after just more than a year

18 July 2014 By Isabel Venter
News: The 46-year-old Jiwa from Makhado (Louis Trichardt) has rejoined his family after he served more than a year of his four-year-long jail sentence. He was released under correctional supervision after he had brought an application.
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Photo: 2014 Hanglip 54 gholftoernooi

17 July 2014 By Isabel Venter
News: Vanjaar se Hanglip 54-toernooi is vanaf 10 tot 12 Julie vir die 21ste agtereenvolgende jaar deur die plaaslike gholfklub in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) aangebied. Dit het oudergewoonte ‘n vol veld spelers gelok van regoor die land.
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