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Latest on storm Dineo

News in brief: 16 February 2017 By Isabel Venter

As parts of Mozambique are seeing the devastating effects of Dineo, which has since been downgraded from cyclone to tropical storm status after making landfall, the South African government has called on communities to be on high alert for the knock-on effects of the storm set to hit South Africa later today.


Depot closures will not result in any job losses

News: 20 February 2017 By Andries van Zyl

Since the Coca-Cola Company’s US$3.15 billion transaction to acquire AB InBev’s 54.5% equity stake in Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, news has surfaced that Coca-Cola Beverages SA (CCBSA) will be closing five of its South African sites, including the depots in Louis Trichardt and Tzaneen.


Triegies gereed vir Top 10

Sport: 18 February 2017 By: Isabel Venter

Hoërskool Louis Trichardt het Maandag met trots bekend gemaak wie die atlete is wat die skool op 15 en 16 Februarie sal verteenwoordig tydens die Limpopo Top 10 Skolekampioenskap by die Universiteit van Pretoria.


Despite restrictions, millions of litres go to waste

Video: 25 February 2017

Many residents in Louis Trichardt are wondering whether water restrictions are still in place as there seems to be no shortage of water.

Written by: Andries van Zyl


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Where: Kennington Lodge Start: 25 Feb  (14:00 PM) End: 25 Feb  (17:00 PM)
Ridgeway Rainbow Run
Where: Ridgeway Independent School, LTT Start: 25 Feb  (15:00 PM)
National Day of Prayer
Where: Louis Trichardt Start: 26 Feb  (17:00 PM)
Where: AGS gemeente, Munnikstraat 70, LTT Start: 26 Feb  (17:00 PM)
Shrove Tuesday Pancakes
Where: St Marks Anglican Church, 128 Munnik Street Start: 28 Feb  (17:00 PM)