Town under siege of termite nests


Termite Warrior from Louis Trichardt, writes:

I think our readers are not aware but our town is being overcome by termite nests.

Please go and have a look in especially the North-Eastern part of our town on the municipal pavements in the municipal parks, on the municipal grounds along the perimeters of our town especially in the Forestry Road-park you will see these termite nests.

I attach for you a pageant of shocking photos of some of these nests that is hair raising. Any building within 100m of such a termite nest and especially the roof trusses and woodwork are in serious danger of being eaten and totally destroyed within months. Each inhabitant should urgently take his torch and inspect his ceilings and roof trusses. If you don’t do it, it could all be gone soon and your corrugated iron roof will only hang by its roof nails, ready to collapse.

The termite nests on private property are the responsibility of the owners. But what are the municipal councillors and officials doing about the termite nests on their pavements, parks and public lands?

Mr Editor, if you have the time, please get from them and publish for us their strategic plan to eradicate this devastating threat from termite nests on municipal land before it destroys our roofs.