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Liquidation shock

News: 18 January 2020 By Andries van Zyl

News of the liquidation of the main contractor at the new Makhado Crossing Mall sent shockwaves through the local business community the past week. CMC Koch Konstruksie filed for voluntary liquidation during December, effectively leaving debts of several millions of rands in the local economy. The fear exists that many of the smaller sub-contractors and suppliers will not be able to recover from this loss and may also close their doors.

Confirmed locations for FMD rises to 15

News: 17 January 2020

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced on Tuesday that four further cases of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) had been reported since mid-December 2019, with three cases reported in December and one case reported in the first week of January 2020. The total number of confirmed positive locations since the start of the outbreak has risen to 15.

Limpopo “avonturiers” durf Afrika se hoogste berg aan

News: 11 January 2020 By Anton van Zyl

‘n Groepie “avonturiers” van Limpopo het besluit om die nuwe dekade op ‘n unieke wyse te groet. Hulle het deel gevorm van ‘n span klimmers wat die berg Kilimanjaro, Afrika se hoogste punt, uitgeklim het en op 1 Januarie 2020 die oggend se eerste sonstrale vanaf ‘n hoogte van bykans 6 000 meter bo seevlak kon ervaar.


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